Color, whether neutrals or the earth hues trending today, play an important role in creating hierarchy, harmony and flow in your home. So many of my clients call me once they have installed new countertops, carpeting flooring, tile or other hard finishes. They’re ready to choose a paint color. No problem, right? Wrong!

Fitting the last piece of the “puzzle” into your rooms is the hard way to choose paint colors and it results in a very limited palette. You may not be happy with the choices that work!

Step #1: Decide on a Specific Mood for the Space

The most successful remodeling projects begin with an assessment of the space. The psychology of color plays a big role in personal preferences. Consider how you want your space to feel. What mood or vibe are you looking to achieve? Soft and cozy? Dark and moody? Nature inspired comfort? Clean, elegant, and neutral? Or colorful and vibrant?

The purpose of each room will give you hints, also. Energetic colors like reds, yellows and oranges and work well in offices, dining rooms and other spaces. Greens, blues, pinks are calming and good for places of relaxation and bedrooms. Browns, grays, blacks and neutrals can be warm and comforting or elegant and sophisticated.


Step #2: Search for a Variety of Images for Visual Inspiration

For help visualizing your space, search for inspiration photos on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, or in magazines. Hone in on what you like about each space and how it makes you feel. Gather photos with whole rooms that you like the feel of, as well as rooms containing elements, furnishings and accessories you like.


Step #3: Determine Each Element of the Design Up-Front

Before you install the fixed finishes you are considering, gather multiple samples of each material you are installing, such as carpeting, backsplash, countertop, tile and wood flooring. For granite and other large stone with pattern, be sure to request to see the actual large sample you will be having installed. Many clients have come home to countertops with orange veining because the small sample had none.

View the samples IN YOUR HOME with the natural and artificial lighting you plan to use.


Step #4: Edit, Assess, Repeat, Finalize…Then Implement

Before you order and have materials installed, call an experienced color expert who can measure the hue families of the materials you’re considering. They will help you narrow down the right paint colors to coordinate with each new material, as well as any materials, furnishings, and artwork staying in each room.

Choosing the paint color at the same time as the rest of the materials is the only way to ensure that your selection will align with your vision and create harmony and flow in your home. Looking for more guidance in choosing the right paint colors? Call us!


We want you to love the colors you come home to!

If you’re ready for a pro to help you choose your paint colors and design finishes all at once, I would be honored to help. Reach out and let’s chat!

Color Confidently Yours,