Lighting Design

Create the Perfect Lighting Plan

Lighting Design

Beautiful decor and furnishings go a long way with the correct lighting

Lighting Design

Lighting is often the last element homeowners consider.

A good lighting plan includes task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. After an assessment of the room use and activities, client needs, color palette, and budget, Color Confident Home will create the perfect lighting plan for any room.

Color is highly affected by the type of lighting in your home. Daylight and night-time artificial lighting produce different looks and moods. Buying a few table lamps may supply light, but do the fixtures and types of lighting coordinate with the overall style and personality of your space? Do they enhance the mood you want for the activities in that room? Placement of lighting as well as the color of the light emitted work together with room size, furniture choice, and time of day to create an overall look, feel, and style.

Considering your overall needs, style, color palette, and available natural light, Color Confident Home will ensure you choose the proper lighting to transform your space into one of style and functionality.


Color Confident Home will create the perfect lighting plan for your room!

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