Interior Paint Colors / Custom Color Schemes

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Interior Paint Colors / Custom Color Schemes

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Interior Paint Colors / Custom Color Schemes

Create The Right Color Environment

 Interior Paint Colors & Custom Color Schemes

by Michigan’s Premiere Color Expert & Strategist

After an initial phone interview, Cheryl will provide an on-site personalized color consultation to help you choose your paint palette for walls, trim, and ceilings as well as help coordinate fixed finishes and materials. First, with her Six-Step Color Process, she’ll establish hue family data, and using the rules of color and design will take into consideration your current furnishings, and fixed finishes such as cabinets, tile, counter tops, fireplaces, and flooring (or help you choose new ones). Then she’ll make recommendations for your overall color scheme. Cheryl will work with you the whole time, also assessing your color sensitivity. In addition, she provides large paint samples you can keep for easier selection of your interior paint color schemes. Finally, she’ll show you a method of testing your colors to help you choose the right colors the first time!

Design Tip: Choose paint colors/color scheme AT THE SAME TIME as you are choosing your new countertops, backsplash, cabinets, tile, flooring, and other fixed finishes. Paint is easy to change, but fixed design elements like flooring will be with you for a long time! 

If you’re starting from scratch, do the hue families in your finishes coordinate? If not, something will look “off” or not quite right.

Which neutrals and colors will complement those elements? Every hue family has a white, a neutral, a gray, a black, a brown!

How is your current lighting affecting your colors and the feel of your home? Colors look different in abundant, moderate, dim, natural, and artificial lighting.

Interior Paint Color Schemes
Interior Paint Color Schemes

House colors don’t just boost your mood and welcome you, they can increase the value of your home. We work with any architectural or decorating style to create the color environment you wish convey. Using the science of color and color data (like DNA for colors) along with photos, blueprints, your input, and residential color trend know-how, we provide personalized color consulting for your home.

As your color consultant experts, Color Confident Home makes sure the right colors welcome you home. We create color environments that connect with people, from the interior of single family homes to retail and commercial space. The right color environment results in increased value to your home or office. Cheryl will help you choose the perfect colors the first time.



Pricing plans are per room, with discounts for two hours/up to four rooms or four hours/up to ten rooms. (See our Packages Page for more info.)

paint color consulting
interior paint color consulting

Certified Color Consultant, Cheryl A. Adams of Color Confident Home LLC in Rochester Hills Michigan, will provide you with Paint Color Consulting using a proven Six-step Color Read Process for your interior or exterior color choices. Save money BEFORE you choose finishes, furniture, paint, or hire a painter!

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