You’ve scheduled your custom color consultation. So, what’s next? We’re glad you asked! Here are the 3 tasks to complete before your color consultation. Preparing ahead is a critical component of our Interior Paint Colors & Custom Color Schemes service. The more preparation you do before we come out to your home, the more value you will receive for the time scheduled. A little homework on your part goes a long way in choosing the right colors for your home!


Task #1 Search For and Share Inspiration Images

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Before your 15-minute phone interview, gather inspiration photos for each room. Scroll through Pinterest,, and magazines. Search online, observe other spaces and homes you like, and take photos of friend’s spaces. Then, share them with us via email, a Google or iCloud link, or Pinterest and Houzz boards! As we prepare for your consultation, we look at your inspiration photos to see what might work in your home. We also consider the information from your pre-appointment phone interview and look at before photos of your rooms to see how they relate to each other. (By the way, we never choose colors from photos!)

Task #2: Develop Goals And Formulate A Vision For Your Project

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Finally, think about what you want to accomplish with your color consultation. Brainstorm your dream home ideas, colors and styles you like or dislike, and artwork you love with family members who share your spaces. What is the scope of your project? If you’re replacing countertops, backsplash, tile, flooring or carpeting, gather samples of each finish (in different colors, patterns, textures you’re considering), and have them available for the in-person visit.

Task #3: Take a Deep Breath And Keep An Open Mind

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A final note of encouragement: a little preparation for your color consultation ensures the consultation will go more smoothly. By brainstorming with loved ones, sending us inspiration photos, and keeping an open mind, you will have colors that give you the intentional, designed look for which you are striving. Staying open to colors you may not have considered and trusting our deep knowledge of color, our process, and our years of experience will lead you to the right colors the first time! Ready to schedule your home consultation if you don’t already have one on the books? Let’s talk. We can’t wait to meet you!

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