3 Easy Steps to Colors You’ll love

Choose the Right Colors the First Time

Color Confident Home will help you choose the RIGHT colors the FIRST time by using ART + SCIENCE and some serious tools to integrate trends, create harmony in your home, and consider YOUR tastes to help you VISUALIZE your options and take the fear out of COLOR SELECTION.

My Six-Step Color Read Process will:

  1. Scientifically measure the color properties of existing interior materials and furnishings to determine hue families
  2. Narrow down your paint choices to the most ideal hue families, neutrals, and colors for your interior color scheme using large, painted samples
  3. Explain why certain colors will or will not work based on your existing furniture, fixtures, finishes
  4. Take into consideration your color likes and dislikes to help you choose the right colors for you and your home
  5. Leave the large samples with you so you can view them on each wall of your room at different times of day, under different lighting conditions – sunny, cloudy, morning, afternoon, and evening
  6. Teach you a tried-and-true method to test your choices with a FREE color testing kit we provide

When choosing your colors, the fixed materials, in addition to the style of your home, heavily dictate the final choices. Your likes and dislikes are considered, with the designer guiding you to the right color. We do this together, walking through the possibilities, talking about what works and what does not, until we arrive at the colors that are right for your home. You’ll then have the confidence to choose the paint colors you like best, before you spend money on paint or painters.

I look forward to helping you choose the right colors the first time!


Certified Color Consultant, Cheryl A. Adams of Color Confident Home LLC in Rochester Hills Michigan, will provide you with Color Selection Expertise using a proven Six-step Color Read Process for your interior or exterior color choices. Save money BEFORE you choose finishes, furniture, paint, or hire a painter!

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